Parent Information

Welcome to Highbury Primary School. The link to our School Information Booklet is to provide parents with general information about policies and procedures that operate at Highbury Primary School.



Parents are invited to complete a registration of interest for their child(ren) and forward to the school as soon after their fourth birthday as possible ready to start school at the beginning of the school year. For children to start school they must be 5 on or before the 1st of May at the start of the school year.

The Principal and Assistant Principal will conduct tours of the school each term at set times. 

Enrolment forms need to be completed and delivered to the school before the first transition visit.

School Fees

Highbury Primary School uses a composite fee system which means that the same amount is charged for children in all levels Foundation – Year 6. The charge covers printed and electronic material, stationery items, equipment, curriculum supplies, ICT and Resource Centre materials and resources that are related to the educational programs provided to students.

The school fees for 2023 are $360 per student for 4 terms.

Camps, excursions, incursions and swimming instruction fees are invoiced throughout the year and must be paid for before students can attend. Additional costs are also incurred by students wishing to be involved with choir, band, or extra-curricular activities.

Payment Methods

Payments options include cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card, Direct debit or Qkr! app. Payment can be made at the Front Office from 8.30am daily. American Express cards are not accepted by schools. Please make cheques payable to Highbury Primary School.

Qkr! (pronounced ‘quicker’) is a mobile payments app which enables consumers to order and pay for goods and services directly from their smart device.

Qkr! Accepts all major credit and debit cards accepted by the school (Visa and Mastercard) and you can register more than one card within the App.

The Qkr! App is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play. If using an iPad you can download the iPhone version of Qkr! You can download and register for Qkr! now to make purchases from the Canteen and make payments to our School and OSHC service.

Direct debit by instalment system is also available. Parents need to complete an agreement form with the school that allows for a specified amount of money to be deducted from their nominated bank account on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis until the costs are paid.

A Direct Debit Request form is available from the Finance Office.

The Materials and Services Charge can be paid in full, or by instalments once arrangements have been made with the Principal or Business Manager.

School Card Application forms for School Card are available from the school or from


School Canteen

Canteen Hours: 8:30-1:00

The school canteen operates daily with a full time manager and parent volunteers.

Please take note of the following:

  1. Orders are to be placed in order boxes at the canteen first thing in the morning or online through QKR.
  2. Money is to be enclosed in the bag (wrapped.)
  3. Any change required will be attached to the front of lunch order bag.
  4. Please clearly mark lunch order with Name and Class Number.
  5.  Lunch bags are available from the canteen, 10 bags for 50 cents.
  6. Food brought from home cannot be reheated in the canteen.
  7. The canteen is unable to offer credit, except in an emergency.

Forks, spoons, etc. are supplied with orders which require them. When ordered food is unavailable an alternative will be offered.

For any queries or concerns please contact Donna in the canteen on 8264 6311.

***The canteen is always in need of volunteers to help keep it running. If you are at all interested in doing your bit to help the school community please don’t hesitate to talk to Donna in the Canteen.***

Canteen Menu

(PDF 188KB)

School Uniform


The purpose of our dress code is to ensure that students are dressed in a practical way that is suitable for a range of school activities and appropriate to the weather conditions. It ensures the inclusion of all students in the school’s educational program, helps to develop pride in the school and encourages a sense of belonging.


Our dress code is a ‘mix and match’ of clothing in the school colours of navy blue, maroon and gold. Specific items with our school logo can be purchased from the school outlet at Totally Schoolwear, 432 Montague Rd, Clovercrest Shopping Centre. Ph. 8396 6465.

Devon Schoolwear

Purchase your uniform online.


At Highbury Primary School our philosophy on volunteering is:

Volunteers can make a significant contribution to the school community by giving their time and sharing their skills and expertise with others. Volunteers’ interests and abilities complement school programs and provide a wide range of interactions and experiences to support student engagement in school and learning.

The ECD (Education and Childhood Development) Criminal History Screening Policy Guidelines identify the following groups of volunteers, parents, caregivers and others for Criminal History Screening:

  • Attending overnight camps, sleepovers, billeting programs
  • Working 1:1 with children or in close proximity to children
  • Acting as a coach or manager of teams
  • Working in resource centres, offices, canteens etc.
  • Accepting a position on Governing Council or committees

Expectations for Volunteers (new and existing) at Highbury:

  • have DCSI clearance
  • have completed a Volunteer training session at Highbury (alternatives to this need to be negotiated with the Principal or delegate)
  • sign a Volunteer agreement
  • sign in at the front office or designated area prior to each Volunteer session and sign out on conclusion
  • agree to wear the prescribed Volunteer identification

School Times

8:20am Students can arrive at school. Teachers are on yard duty.
Doors open and the school day begins. All students are expected to be in class by this time.
10:30 am RECESS
10:50 am Middle learning session commences
12:30pm Eating time in classrooms
12:40pm Lunchtime
1:20pm Afternoon learning session commences
3:20pm Yard Duty finishes
Last day of each Term finish time 2:00pm


The Library is where Highbury’s Library, ICT support and Computer Room are located. Students are registered as borrowers on enrolment. Classes have regular borrowing times each week. Students may borrow books from the fiction and non-fiction collections. The Library is open during lunch time Monday to Friday.

A staff member is available in the Library from 8.50am – 3.00pm Tuesday – Friday

Junior Primary Borrowing: 8.50am – 9.10am
Loan period: 2 weeks
Borrowing limit: 3 items

Please provide a library bag.

Primary Borrowing: 1.20pm – 1.40pm
Loan period: 2 weeks
Borrowing limit: 6 items

Year 6 students who have signed permission also have access to the Senior Student Collection.

Students who have overdue books after a period of 6 weeks will be sent an invoice. This charge will be for the replacement cost of the book. Alternatively a replacement book can be purchased by the patron and forwarded to the Library staff. Once the overdue is resolved, borrowing rights will again be resumed.

Premiers Reading Challenge. Highbury Primary School has participated in the PRC since it began in 2004. All students are encouraged to complete the Challenge. More information on the PRC can be found at