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Highbury Primary School Highbury Primary School


At Highbury Primary School our values are:

Persistence Resilience
I keep trying even when it gets difficult. I accept I can’t always get my own way.
I try different strategies to overcome a challenge. I’m willing to have a go even though I might get it wrong.
I have a go and learn from my mistakes. I can move on when things are difficult.
I follow through when I’ve made a commitment. I learn by my mistakes.
  I use feedback to support my learning.
  I solve problems in many different ways.
Respect Responsibility
I show appropriate manners and use polite language. I take responsibility for my own actions, learning and behaviour.
I care for myself, others, property and the environment. I take care of my –belongings, classroom, school and environment.
I value difference and consider others opinions. I am a positive role model.
I demonstrate compassion and empathy to all. I help others when I can.
I treat others how I would like to be treated.  

At Highbury Primary School our motto is:

Learning Together Achieving Excellence