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Highbury Primary School Highbury Primary School


Under the guidelines for local school management the Principal informs the Governing Council of relevant educational and organisational issues. Responsibility is shared for financial and resource management with the elected representatives of the school community that forms the Governing Council.

Members are elected at the Annual General Meeting.

The Governing Council maintains focus on policy decisions and promotes portfolio groups to discuss and manage different aspects of school governance.

Using this subcommittee arrangement enables efficient decision making at general Governing Council meetings. The Council consists of a maximum of 19 councillors: 10 elected parents of the school, 2 staff representatives, the Principal, and a position for a community representative. Where possible the Aboriginal community is represented by a parent and representative from the Highbury Pre School. The other positions can be filled by students although it hasn’t been the practice as GC meetings operate during the evenings.

Portfolios have been successful in the areas of Finance, Fundraising, Canteen, Sports, OSHC and Music. The creation of these portfolios provides a greater involvement of the local community.

It is not necessary to be on Governing Council to be a member of the portfolio groups.

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