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The Arts - MUSIC


Highbury Primary School supports a rich music program across the school. The school has a junior and senior band along with a junior and senior choir. Students are also able to join a string and guitar ensemble and receive instrumental music lessons provided by DECD Instrumental Music Service teachers (IMS).

Classroom Program

All classes attend a music lesson each week with a specialist music teacher. Students develop their music skills by singing, listening, playing instruments, reading and writing music, performing and creating their own music. Music learning activities develop team work, interpersonal skills, cooperation, coordination and creative thinking. In music lessons students will use instruments such as non-melodic percussion instruments (drums, shakers, etc), melodic percussion instruments (xylophones, etc), recorders and ukuleles.


Students learning an instrument attend group lessons with teachers from the DECD Instrumental Music Service. Students in Years 3-7 have the opportunity to learn string instruments (violin/viola/cello). Students in Years 5-7 have the opportunity to learn percussion (drum kit/melodic percussion), guitar (classical), brass (trumpet/trombone) or woodwind (flute/clarinet/saxophone) instruments.


Highbury Primary School has a Senior Concert Band and a Junior Concert Band for students learning brass, woodwind and percussion instruments. These students all participate in one of the bands as part of their instrument learning.

The String Ensemble is for advanced string students who have been learning for at least a year. Students who learn an instrument privately may also join our school ensembles.

School ensembles perform at a variety of events throughout the year including assemblies, open nights, concerts and a tour for senior ensembles.

There are DECD IMS ensembles that students may participate in, including the Primary Schools Guitar Ensemble and the South Australian Schools Percussion Ensemble.


Highbury Primary School has a Junior Choir for students in Years 3-4 and a Senior Choir for students in Years 5-7. Choir allows students to enjoy the experience of singing together while developing valuable music and vocal skills including: part singing, tone quality, voice projection, pitch development, word pronunciation and correct breathing and posture.

The Senior Choir participates in the combined Festival of Music Choir each year, performing in the Public Primary Schools Music Festival at the Festival Theatre in September.

The Junior Choir is an opportunity for students to start developing their singing skills and performance practice in a fun environment. They learn a variety of songs and perform at various events throughout the year.