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Highbury Primary School Highbury Primary School


At Highbury Primary School we increase technology availability to students and staff every year. We utilize the ICT General Capability along with the Digital Technologies within the Australian Curriculum to inform ongoing purchases, planning and professional development.

The strands for Digital Technologies from the Australian Curriculum are:

Digital Technologies Knowledge and Understanding

  • Digital Systems
  • Representation of Data

Digital Technologies Processes and Production skills

  • Collecting managing and analysing data
  • Creating digital solution by
    • Defining
    •  Designing
    • Implementing
    • Evaluating
    •  Collaborating

The ICT capability learning continuum is organised into five interrelated elements:

  • Applying social and ethical protocols and practices when using ICT
  • Investigating with ICT
  • Creating with ICT
  • Communicating with ICT
  • Managing and operating ICT

Our ICT resources consist of a variety of devices including a PC suite, multiple PODs in classes for students to use on demand, laptops, iPads, with every classroom equipped with an interactive whiteboard.

  • Our junior students have access to a set of iPads with a vast selection of apps developed for early years education support.
  • For mid to primary years we have purchased a set of 75 laptops which are split between classes for maximum utilisation.

We have recently upgraded our internet connection to a much higher speed which allows seamless media streaming and internet access across the entire school. Each year, device usage, internet speed, upgrades and replacements go through a review process by the ICT and finance committee.

Our other resources include:

  • A new audio visual system in the hall with two motorised screens, ceiling mounted data projectors and speakers, all remotely operated from a control center for whole school presentations, performances and assemblies.
  • Five specialised laptops designated for media creation, utilising Adobe software (Photoshop, Premiere) along with numerous digital cameras and a green screen for media creation.
  • Subscriptions for online learning programs including IXL Maths and Reading Eggs to support students’ learning in mathematics and reading comprehension at school and at home.

We value the secure and safe cyber environment free of bullying, identity theft and cybercrime. We require all network users to read and sign a “Network User Agreement” to make sure that people are utilising the ICT resources in accordance with current Australian Legislation and even more importantly we want to keep our children safe.

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